Bike Accident Due to Road Conditions

Who is responsible for your injuries while riding a bike on the Philadelphia Streets when the road condition itself causes your injury?

Usually the City of Philadelphia is not responsible for your injury and even if they are, you must prove a permanent injury as a result of the defect to recover against the city.  There are instances when other companies caused the defect and can be held responsible.

The streets of Philadelphia are maintained and governed by the Philadelphia Street Department.  It is important for all defects to be reported to the Philadelphia Street Department.  The Street Department itself separates the kind of road defects into three categories: potholes, cave-ins and ditches.

A pothole is a hole in the asphalt of the road.  They are usually caused when water trapped under the roads surface freezes and then thaws, causing the asphalt to weaken.  They can also occur when temporary road fixes shift or crack.  Cave-ins and sinkholes are actual cavities in that penetrate through both the asphalt and concrete base of the road.  A ditch, usually rectangular in nature, is an excavation in the roadway.  These are usually created by plumbing or utility companies who work on underground lines. 

Take caution while riding.  Report all defects to the Streets Department.  If you are injured, be sure to take photographs of the area, the actual defect and any utility companies working in the area.  If you were injured while riding your bike, it is best to consult a lawyer to determine if you have a case.  Schedule your free consultation with the attorneys at Edelstein Law today!