Ikea Furniture Recall

IKEA has recalled over 29 million pieces of furniture, mostly dressers and chests, due to several reports of children being killed because of the pieces tipping over. To date, more than forty incidents involving IKEA furniture tipping over, resulting in injuries to seventeen children between the ages of two and ten years old. 6 children were recently crushed to death as a result of a tipping piece of IKEA furniture. 

IKEA has placed commercials over the airwaves to advise about the recall and the potential danger.  They have also arranged for anchoring devices to be provided to customers who seek them. 

The recalled pieces come from the MALM line and were made between January 2002 and June 2016.  The specific pieces are as follows:

  • MALM 3-Drawer Dresser

  • MALM 4-Drawer Dresser

  • MALM 5-Drawer Dresser

  • MALM 6-Drawer Dresser (Vertical)

  • MALM 6-Drawer Dresser (Horizontal)

  • MALM 6-Drawer Dresser (With Pop-up)

Adding to the danger of the tipping, once the piece of furniture is tipped over, many children are not able to lift the dressers or chests off of themselves due to their heavy weight, leading to suffocation. However, this can also affect anyone of any age, as many pieces of furniture are very heavy, and take two people to move.

If you have been injured due to a tipping piece of IKEA furniture which is under recall, you may have a valid IKEA furniture recall lawsuit. Feel free to contact Edelstein Law for a free consultation with an attorney.