Distracted Driving is Not Just Using Your Phone While Driving

Please put away your phone while driving. Ok, good job…you’ve only eliminated 25 percent of distracted driving automobile crashes.

Before the glut of smartphones hit the market, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that four in five accidents were caused by people eating while driving. It makes sense, in fact all five of them. You are using touch, smell and taste for the burger or sandwich in your hand, as well as to wipe off the grease on fingers that should be gripping the wheel instead.

If you are “cautious” then you are also avoiding accidents using your other two senses, eyes and ears focused on the road. Coffee was one of the worst culprits in causing car accidents in Pennsylvania and other states, then burgers and other foods that fall apart, are greasy or are both. So with the advent of smartphones, does some of that go away? No one wants to touch their screen and leave it a mess. Of course, there are other factors at play, too.

Other Types of Distracted Driving

There are two key problems that people of ALL AGES face when attempting to prevent distracted driving accidents. One is talking with passengers. It can narrow your field of vision which is already lower than you might think. At highway speeds, you can actually only see a fraction of the roughly 140 degrees of vision you would have at a standing stop. Focusing on the rear-view mirror only lessens that.

Further, when you consider that fixing the station on your stereo or fiddling with the volume may take all of your eyesight off the road, things can get very dangerous very quickly. Anything that distracts you will make it harder to focus on the road. When that means a 3,500 lb. car is rocketing down the highway at 65 MPH, it makes a huge difference.

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