The Dangers of Bounce Houses

Over the years, bounce houses and other inflatable recreational equipment have become more and more popular.  While this equipment is fun, it can also be dangerous and open you, the renter/owner of the equipment up to liability for personal injuries

If you are having a party at your house or a rented location you should contact your home owner’s insurance carrier about purchasing a one-day event policy which will provide adequate coverage for a specific event.  Be sure to advise your insurance carrier as to what activity you are insuring so that there are no surprises if a claim arises.  If a claim does arise, be sure to contact your insurance company immediately and advise them of the occurrence. 

Should you or your child become injured as a result of using a bounce house, please make sure that the owner of the property and/or renter of the equipment is aware of the incident; seek proper medical treatment; and contact an attorney to protect your rights