How are Personal Injury Damages Calculated in Philadelphia?

Photo by  Pexels

Photo by Pexels

There are times you may be involved in an accident that isn’t your fault. If you suffered injuries from the accident, you are most likely owed compensation to help pay for damages like medical bills or missing work from your injuries. It is a question often asked, how are these damages really calculated in Philadelphia?

If someone was negligent in an accident and you ended up getting hurt, you may deserve to be compensated. Speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to help you file your lawsuit so you can get the retribution you deserve.

What are damages?

When you win a lawsuit, you are oftentimes rewarded damages. Damages are defined as the money you get compensated for to help refund expenses lost on medical bills, lost wages, even pain and suffering. However, there are certain states that set limits on the amount of damages you are allowed to be rewarded.

Types of damages

Economic damages

Economic damages are awarded to pay for medical bills, wages and income loss, or any property damage costs. In terms of medical bills, this could include ambulance fees, emergency room visits, surgery, medical care, physical therapy, medications, doctors’ appointments, and/or consults with specialists. This also includes any time off work that had to be taken resulting in lost wages. Further, if property was damaged in the accident, you can also get rewarded for this.

Non-economic damages

Non-economic damages are treated differently and are rewarded for pain and suffering, which can be harder to assign an amount. For instance, you may have experienced intense pain from your injury causing you to miss out on important life events, or your injuries may have resulted in a chronic illness. Also, mental or emotional trauma from an accident or injury like PTSD are taken into consideration when determining potential non-economic damages.

Since every case is different, you should speak with an attorney to get a more specific idea of the amount of damages you deserve.