What are the Different Forms of Sexual Abuse?

Photo by  Pexels

Photo by Pexels

Sexual abuse should always be taken seriously, but situations can happen where it is unclear whether sexual abuse just occurred. Victims might not know they have experienced sexual abuse because it can arise in many different ways at varying degrees of severity. It is important to be aware of the different forms of sexual abuse and if you ever experience it, speak with a trusted lawyer for advice.

Unwanted sexual remarks, behaviors, or gestures fall under the category of sexual abuse. These include unwanted remarks or comments on someone’s appearance or body, intimate referencing, fondling, and obscene language or gestures. Additionally, rape, molestation, incest, and sexual harassment are also different occurrences of sexual abuse. These situations don’t discriminate by age or gender and can be committed by one person like an employer, doctor, or parent, as well as within an institute like a church, school, or nursing home.

Non-consensual or forced physical behavior

This type of sexual abuse includes rape and assault. You should never feel pressured or forced to perform sexual acts. If you are unable to consent and are being take advantage of, you could be a victim of sexual abuse.

Psychological abuse

When it comes to psychological sexual abuse, it is often in the form of harassment, indecent exposure, and human trafficking. This includes stalking, intimate referencing, and obscene language and/or gestures.

Trust position

Often times, sexual abuse is committed by people that are in a position of trust. This includes incest and sexual abuse of children in schools.

Step forward and ask for advice

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, you could be overwhelmed with feelings like depression, guilt, and/or fear. You should always come forward and work with a compassionate lawyer like Jay Edelstein. We will fight to bring you justice while expressing the utmost sensitivity to what you are going through.