How Social Media Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim


Social media is more popular than ever. It is known for people posting anything and everything about their lives, but did you know that posting on social media about your accident or personal injury claim can jeopardize your claim in the end?

The Power of Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms are more prominent than you may think. Since there are so many different social media platforms, there are many different outlets to vent on. You may think your accounts are private, but even still there are many ways to find your interactions on social media. There are also many ways you can hurt your claim by posting even the littlest bit of information. This includes your current location, posting about being happy, posting photos of you working out--as all of these things may not seem like a big deal. However, if you have been involved in an accident and are in the middle of a personal injury claim, some of these posts can be used against you.

Examples of Posts That Can Hurt Your Claim

After you have been injured in an accident and you start a claim, you should avoid posting any photos or posts about being active like working out or even doing things like dancing. This can be used as proof that you are not as injured as you may claim or that you are not taking proper care of your injury. If you are claiming that you are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or emotional issues, posting posts and photos of you out having fun and portraying a positive life could also be used against you. The other party will try to spin these posts to make it appear that you aren’t actually suffering emotionally from the accident. Posting about your accident or claim should be avoided at all costs. This includes posting photos, details, venting about the other party, blaming the other party, or discussing your injuries that you suffered from the accident. It is best to just never post any information about your accident or personal injury claim on any of your social media accounts.

Monitor Your Social Media

The other party involved in your personal injury claim will do everything in their power to find something to use against you, including lurking on your social media pages. Even though you might think that your pages are private, posts and photos can still be found. Not only will your posts be looked at, but also your friends’ posts. This means that anything you say on another person’s posts can actually end up hurting you and your claim. It is best to avoid posting at all during your claim. In fact, you might even consider deactivating your accounts during this time.

Edelstein Law

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