Things To Be Aware of As a Bicyclist

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With summer officially here, it is time to get out and enjoy the sunshine! One of the best ways to enjoy the weather is to enjoy a bike ride. Remember, you do need to be safe on the streets. If you have been injured while riding your bike, you might have a claim on your hands, so be sure to talk with a Philadelphia accident lawyer to know the proper steps to take.

Staying Safe on the Pavement

When riding your bike on the pavement along with traffic, be sure you are riding properly. If there is a cycle path, it is best to use that instead of the road. It is also important to use the proper bike. Always be extra careful when riding your bike in rainy weather. With the warm temperatures and wet roads, it can be extra slippery. It can also take you longer to stop and bad weather can be difficult to maneuver in.

Always Be in View

While riding on the streets, ensure that you are always in the view of drivers and other pedestrians. Make sure to be seen by putting red lights on your bike and be heard with a bell. Wearing bright and reflective clothing will also be helpful. Before you ride on the streets, always make sure that you know your turning symbols to alert other drivers of where you are going.

Be On the Lookout

It is the responsibility of both the bike rider, drivers and other pedestrians to avoid accidents. Start by paying attention and doing what you can to prevent an accident. Never assume that a car is going straight as they could be turning without using their blinkers. Make a habit of hanging back and observing the situation. Try your best not to ride beside large vehicles or buses as it is hard for them to see. Do not ride between cars or try to beat the traffic as this can be dangerous. It is best to always follow all laws and be aware of all bicyclist laws in your area.

Wear Safety Gear

Riding your bike means wearing safety gear such as a helmet, the right clothes, the right shoes and possibly gloves. It will depend on the type of bike ride you are going on and your experience. For example, riding on the roads will require less gear than riding in the mountains. It is also important to make sure your bike is properly taken care of. Check the tires and gears to ensure everything works properly each time before going on your ride.


As a driver on the roadways, you need to be aware of and mindful of bicyclists. When turning, always watch and look out for a bicyclist. You never want to cut them off. When passing a bicyclist, if possible, give as much of a gap as possible. When driving at night and approaching a bicyclist, dim your headlights so you don’t blind them. During wet weather, give bicyclists even more room. Remember, always share the roadways with bicyclists to help prevent an accident!

Filing a Claim with Edelstein Law

If you have suffered an injury from an accident, you will need to file a personal injury claim. The legal team at Edelstein Law will offer advice and legal representation on a number of different personal injury cases. Sit down with our experienced personal injury attorneys to review your options. Our team will always go the distance to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve and never settle for less.