The Philadelphia school bullying lawyers at the Law Offices of Jay L. Edelstein are committed to helping victims of school bullying throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. School bullying is becoming more common, especially with the rise of social media. It is our goal to provide the best legal representation to school bully victims, and we will stand up to the accused. We will make sure that the victim gets justice and receive any damages that they are owed. 

Bullying can impact not just the victim, but also the family, school, and community. Some bullying might be considered illegal, which is when you will want legal representation on your side. These acts of bullying include being based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, weight, status, or disability. 

Types of Bullying

Physical: This includes any actions that commit harm to the victim.

  • Pushing, punching, and kicking
  • Spitting on or intentionally tripping
  • Intentionally breaking the victim’s things

Verbal: This includes causing harm to the victim with the use of words.

  • Calling the victim names and continuously teasing them
  • Making inappropriate or sexual comments
  • Taunting or making threatening comments

Social: This includes intentionally harming the victim in public.

  • Spreading rumors and talking bad about the victim to others
  • Embarrassing the victim in front of others

Cyber: This includes harming the victim through technology.

  • Sending mean text messages or emails
  • Spreading rumors on social media or other online platforms for others to see
  • Creating false social media profiles or websites 
  • Posting embarrassing content, videos, or photos about the victim for other to see

Bullying can cause physical harm, mental illness, emotional distress, or even cause a victim to attempt suicide.

Other effects of bullying include:

  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Health problems
  • Poor grades
  • Isolation
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Not wanting to attend school or activities

If you or a loved one is experiencing school bullying, it is important to do something about it. 

Steps to Take if You or a Loved One Is Being Bullied

First, put the entire situation in writing; this includes detailed encounters, dates, names, witnesses, location, and absolutely anything that you can remember about the bullying. This is a good piece of evidence to bring with you when speaking to the school. Schools are required by law to have bullying policies in place. Always review these policies and follow them. 

If the school is unable to help, try to go to the school board member or Superintendent. At this point, if no one is able to help you with the school bullying, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced attorney for legal guidance and representation.

At the Law Offices of Jay L. Edelstein, you can expect our Philadelphia school bullying lawyers to provide you with sound legal advice and conduct a thorough investigation.  This includes preserving any critical evidence, interviewing witnesses, and obtaining the medical records that document any injuries, if any. This also includes any records from psychiatrists or therapists. 

Consult with a Skilled and Knowledgeable Philadelphia School Bullying Lawyer at the Law Offices of Jay L. Edelstein

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