What Do I Do If My Child is Bullied on the School Bus?

Photo by  Pexels

Photo by Pexels

School bullying is more common than ever and sometimes the bullying starts on the school bus. This kind of behavior usually goes unnoticed because the only adult on the bus is the driver. With their focus on the road, they are unable to notice or stop any inappropriate behavior.

Are you unsure if your child is being bullied on the school bus? These are the signs to pay attention to:

-       Fear of going to school or riding the bus

-       Frequently giving reasons why not to ride the bus

-       Making a habit of missing the bus or trying to find other ways to get to school other than the bus

-       Experiencing anxiety or panic attacks in the morning before the bus

This can be a frustrating situation to deal with and you might be unsure on what to do. First, always report it to the school. The school should have bullying policies in place and these policies should be enforced on the school bus as well. Since it can be hard for a bus driver to watch out for bullying while driving, it is a good idea to try to seat your child near the bus driver. This gives them a better chance of not being bullied since they are so close to an adult. If that isn’t an option, encourage your child to use the buddy system. Riding the bus with a friend will give your child the support and confidence they need.

If you find that the school is not doing anything about the issue and you have tried to fix the problem on your own, report to a lawyer for legal advice. The bullying could be serious enough for a legal case. The team at Edelstein Law can offer the advice and legal representation to put a stop to bullying.