Break Bad Driving Habits

Often times, we as drivers become “comfortable with the road” which results in a certain relaxation of traffic rules.  This comfort can lead to accidents.  It is time to break these bad habits now. 

Always use your turn signals.  Just because you know where you are going does not mean you can assume that all other drivers on the road should expect you to slow down because you are planning on turning right at the upcoming intersection.  Alerting other people on the road of your intentions can reduce your chance of getting into a motor vehicle accident.

Remember to actually stop at stop signs and red lights.  A rolling stop is not a stop.  By coming to a full and complete stop, you are giving yourself the opportunity to assess the intersection before entering into it.  That extra second can help you avoid a collision.  Also remember, that entering an intersection is a privilege and not a right.  Always view the entire intersection before proceeding.  This is true even if you have a green light or the right of way. 

A yellow light is not a signal for you to speed up and get through the intersection.  We all are in a hurry to get to our destination in this fast-paced life, but safety is more important. 

Try to avoid speeding.  The posted speed limit is to be followed; it is not to be used as a guide for your minimum speed.  The speed limit is not arbitrary.  It takes into consideration the environmental factors and physical attributes to the area.  By maintaining the speed limit, you are more likely to avoid an accident. 

Remember the rules of the road and you can protect yourself and your family from injury.