Remember to Schedule Annual Car Maintenance

It is your responsibility to ensure your car is running smoothly.  An overwhelming majority of drivers do not believe that annual maintenance is a priority.  By scheduling annual maintenance, you will extend the life of your vehicle, maximize gas mileage, save money and improve safety.

You should refer to your car’s owner’s manual to determine what maintenance should be performed and when.  Generally you can rely on the following schedule:


  • Check tire pressure and adjust if necessary
  • Check engine’s oil level
  • Replenish windshield wiper fluid (never use water)
  • Wash your car, especially in the winter months to prevent damage from salt

Every three months:

  • Check fluid levels and replenish if necessary (automatic transmission fluid and power steering fluid)
  • Check tire condition and replace if necessary

Every six months:

  • Inspect windshield wiper blades and replace if necessary
  • Visit a certified maintenance technician to see if any repairs are necessary
  • Change engine oil