Distracted Driving and Tips to Avoid

With distracted driving accidents on the rise, so much effort goes into how to prevent distracted driving in the first place with tips like:

  • Put cell phones away;
  • Don't eat and drive at the same time;
  • Keep conversations to a minimum;
  • Gaps in Avoiding Distracted Drivers;

Similarities and Differences in Impaired vs. Distracted Driving:

Lack of attention is the key for identifying drivers who may not be able to pay attention to you on the road. A vehicle that regularly crosses lane dividers or seems to stop abruptly at red lights or stop signs is a good sign that they are going under the speed limit, there could be an issue and you might want to keep them ahead of you or pass them when you are able to do so.

Perhaps more importantly, people who are stuck in the middle or far left, or passing lane, for what seems like forever could similarly be distracted by cell phones. The idea is that they do not have to pay as much attention while they’re using their devices. It could even be highway hypnosis, the condition where people lose track of what they’re doing. Either way, you should find a way to create distance between yourself and these drivers where possible.