Common Injuries from Slip and Falls in the Winter

Winter is just around the corner and it will be bringing plenty of ice and snow our way. With the accumulation of snow and ice, a slip and fall injury Philadelphia is not uncommon. A slip and fall accident can bring minor to severe injuries and plenty of legal headaches.

 Slip and Fall Scenarios

Statistics show accidents from slip and falls are actually very common, especially during the winter months. Snow and ice will result in slippery roadways, sidewalks and stairs. Slip and fall accidents can happen at home or in public. At a store or other public place, snow is easily tracked around and if the accumulation is not cleaned up, it could lead to an accident.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to keep the property safe with a clear walkway and post signs of any dangerous conditions. If a slip and fall accident happens on a property and the owner was found to be negligent, you could have a case on your hands. Talk with an attorney to determine if there is a premise liability claim from your slip and fall accident.

If you do slip and fall on public property, always report to the manager right away so they can file an incident report. Also, ask for any surveillance footage that might have captured the incident and take your own photos of where you fell. Other details to tell your attorney to help with your case include where exactly the incident happened in the store and at what time it happened. For example, if you fall at 10 am at a grocery store, you will want to keep track of the time and the location of the fall as well as take photos. Report the incident to the store manager right away and request any surveillance footage. Then, reach out to your attorney with this information to start your case.

 Injuries Caused By Slip and Fall Accidents

When you slip and fall on ice or snow, you could suffer from minor to severe injuries including:

-       Cuts, scrapes and bruises

-       Sprains or fractures (ankles, legs, arms, wrists)

-       Hip fractures

-       Shoulder dislocation

-       Concussion

-       Head traumas

-       Back and spinal cord injuries

Always report to a doctor right away to be examined to ensure the extent of your injuries. You may not realize how severe your injuries are right after your fall. This is why seeking a medical professional after your fall is important, not only for your health, but if you have a claim as well.

Working with Edelstein Law

If you have been injured in a slip and fall this winter, seek legal advice from thepersonal injury attorneys at Edelstein Law. We have an experienced team of lawyers, specializing in slip and fall accidents. At Edelstein Law, we understand that personal injury cases are overwhelming. While you recover from your accident, we will fight for you and get what you deserve, while holding the responsible party accountable.